Rustic Wedding Cake: Unfrosted Naked Cake

Rustic Wedding Cake: Unfrosted Naked Cake

Angelina Jolie chose a naked wedding cake when she married her man, so the naked cake now has a celebrity endorsement but to be honest, what is not to love about these little beauties weather you are Angelina and Brad or not! Angelina Jolie Wedding cake was baked by her children I hasten to add so I have a few years and a few hundred weddings worth of experience to beat that, yours may not end up plastered across the tabloids but it will be photo worthy and it will be beautiful.

This is the small version of the typically¬†Rustic Wedding Cake: Unfrosted Naked Cake is the way to go. Tiers of un iced wedding cake exposed and on show for all the world to see, so appetising and inviting. There won’t be one guest at the wedding who won’t notice the centre piece of the wedding cake on display decorated with fresh summer fruits and including the ever so elusive redcurrant which just add that extra touch of magic to the decoration, gently trailing over the edges of the tiers.

Each tier can be a different flavour and you can choose from a wide range of mouth watering flavour combinations, the choices are endless.

Now where is Brad with that knife?!

naked-wedding-cake-summer-fruit naked-wedding-cake-fresh-fruit