Wedding Cake in Regal Purple at Chewton Glen Dorset

There is always cake at a wedding and there’s is always a photographer, with a ideal set of circumstances, the two worlds collide and result in a perfect and evocative image of a stylish and statuesque cake.

Luckily, as a lot of you know, I have my own ‘in house’ photographer and the perfect scenario is when I make the wedding cake and  he takes the wedding photographs for the same bride and groom on their wedding day. I then get extra special photographs and there is the added bonus of the pressure being off me to try and match his standards by taking my own! Don’t know what is in it for him except perhaps the spare cake!

Six handsome tall tiers of edible loveliness delivered and set up for the wedding of Laura and Anthony at Chewton Glen Hotel on Friday.

Lovely couple, lovely venue, lovely cake, lovely photograph! Job done! x

PHOTOGRAPHY: BH13 Photography AKA Mr Ingredient!