Photograph Cake with Wedding Day Memories

This is the place where it all began, I discovered the joys (and challenges) of edible printing when I was asked if I could make a cake for a soon to be married couple which contained all their favourite photographs from their courtship and engagement. Photos of places they had been, family, friends and memories.

Each version of this cake seems to be driven by an imaginative lady for her exceptionally lucky man as the ultimate in thoughtful and intricate romantic gestures. This cake generates romance and intrigue. Almost every time I’ve made a version of it it has entailed a degree of espionage and secrecy as their partner has received it as a surprise gift.

My bride had arranged a different cake with her partners full stamp of approval, although by his own admission, he wasn’t cake orientated (yes, those people do exist, hard as it is to believe!) The cake was booked and paid for then about 6 weeks before the wedding this idea was sprung on me and it was made and presented as a total surprise for her groom.

Each picture is the couple’s own and the images are handed to You Know Who, Mr Ingredient AKA BH13 Photography. He spends time dealing with the various assemblance  of images some taken from phones, old family prints and various snaps, all of varying quality. After many hours of technicals the photoshopped and cropped images are returned to me ready to print and the fun begins. We are very definitely co-dependent when creating this cake!

This cake has always attracted a lot of attention be it that is unusual but also probably because the viewer gets a little peak into the life of the bride and groom and a slice of their history together.

The Photo Memory Cake is a sum of its parts, a collaborative piece of work. Most of the credit goes to my multi talented and endlessly patient photographer husband of course with a Gold Star for endurance as when he is handed a, sometimes hopeless, collection images and he begins his work tirelessly to make them printable for me without a grumble. Then for this particular version of the cake deepest gratitude goes to my delicious 2010 bride Sophie, as she allowed me to recreate the cake and use her pictures, she and her husband were truly made to grace a cake like this as they are, to say the very least, a very striking couple who had also travelled to some far and away places which made the photographs even more interesting!

This is cake is certainly a favourite of mine and I feel a shudder of excitement each time a version of it is ordered.