Archive | May, 2012

Italian Villa Compton Acres Wedding

Don’t be fooled by this little sweetie pies demure exterior. Up close and  personal this wedding cake was full of intricate lace stencil detail and a tiny bit of classy sparkle. Trimmed with the colours on each tier to match the bridesmaids and it was set to go. Great cake lovers Becky and Barry do […]

Wedding Cake with Blooms and Flowers in Dorset

There is nothing quite like a cake and flower combo to brighten your day further and set you on the right foot for the week ahead. The three tiered stacked cake was carefully prepared as per instructions ahead of the wedding day on Saturday and sat looking beautiful but unfinished until the first marriage of […]

Wedding Cake in Pink and Blue at Italian Villa Poole

Five tiers of wedding cake delivered and set up at the Italian Villa, Compton Acres in Poole last month in readiness for the arrival of the bride Natalie and her groom, Kriss. But before they were to set eyes on their precious wedding cake the florist, Maria at Simply Flowers was to have her way […]