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Wedding Cake Cutting at Sandbanks Hotel Poole

photo credit: Digitally Different Beautiful bride, Tracey, with her groom and her sage green cupcake tower wedding cake, who ever said there were three of them in this marriage? Last summer’s wedding of Mr and Mrs Parsons at the delectable Sandbanks Hotel on the peninsula, overlooking the Studland beach and Purbeck coastline but nobody seems […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red velvet cake in all it’s seductiveness, a derivative of devils food cake, a cake so rich and delicious that it seems to some to be slightly sinful. Red food colouring gives the red velvet it’s luscious and irresistible appeal and topped off with a sharp flavoured and bright white contrasting topping it will never fail […]

Vintage Wedding Cake with Lace and Pearls

Everybody loves a touch of vintage design, the lace, the pearls, the colours, the whole ambiance is a delight and this cake fits effortlessly into a vintage themed wedding. Five tiers of edible vintage lace gorgeousness. The lace pieces can be made to match the patterns from the brides wedding dress and more pearls added […]

Tangerine Dream Wedding Cake in Brides Magazine

My husband, Mr Ingredient AKA BH13 Photography, will not approve of the quality of this photo at all. I excitedly took it on my phone when I saw my precious cake published in this months Wedding Flowers Magazine. I had no time to waste in sharing it with you, so let’s just not tell him […]

Wedding Cake in wedgwood blue with cameo brooches

A cool and elegant choice for a classic style of wedding cake. The wedding cake is iced in a beautiful dusty blue similar to the traditional wedgwood colours with victorian porcelain style cameo brooches, all handmade and painted individually to set it off. This wedding cake would look equally lovely in a dusty pink or […]

Wedding Cake with Sugar Roses Cake Topper and Sparkle

Every girl loves a bit of sparkle and this wedding cake can sooth those needs and fulfil those desires. This wedding cake is elegant, romantic, modern, pretty and sparkly and without question, fit for the most discerning of brides! It would suit any colour scheme and would offer a demure and elegant sense of style […]

Vintage Wedding Cake with Patel coloured Bunting

Beautiful bunting wedding cake with edible printed bunting to match your particular wedding colour scheme and a handmade felt topper from the ever-so-talanted Emma Bakker at Vintage Magpie. What a combination, iced in light pale green and dusty pinks with piping detail to set the scene for you vintage inspired wedding. The cake topper comes […]

Wedding Cake with Shadow Cameos Cake Topper

I always have a current love in the Miss Ingredient World of Cake and here it is, I proudly and lovingly present to you my laser cut, permanent Shadow Cameo Wedding Cake Toppers. The shadow cameos on top of this wedding cake are personalised. You simply have your shadow profile photographed and prepared by bh13photography (AKA […]

Wedding Cake Toppers by Nursey Bang Bang

I recently met a fabulously talented local artist, I loved everything she did and was instantly addicted! Jill Adams AKA Nursey Bang Bang is a local artist and designer based in Dorset, work is retro inspired and always handmade. Over much tea and cake I was lucky enough that she agreed to design some wedding cake […]