Archive | December, 2011

Wedding Cake for the New Year: Tangerine Dream

Each year, Pantone, the global authority on color, selects a color of the year even before the year begins. For 2012 Pantone’s pick is pure tangerine dream, an orange with depth, radiance and warmth. This cake was commissioned for a wedding magazine photo shoot and is due to be published in the Spring. You, lucky […]

Wedding Cakes: Innocent Little Beauties

These innocent little beauties are truly wolves in sheeps clothing! They mascarade as angelic little innocents and yet they take hours and hours of work, each one demanding more attention than it’s predecesor and asking for more time and energy than seems healthy for such a little jewel. However, the payback is when they appear […]

Photograph Cake with Wedding Day Memories

This is the place where it all began, I discovered the joys (and challenges) of edible printing when I was asked if I could make a cake for a soon to be married couple which contained all their favourite photographs from their courtship and engagement. Photos of places they had been, family, friends and memories. […]

Edible Photo Cake for Koy Thai Tapas

There is a certain lucky chap who has an incredible and romantic girlfriend. Katie went to huge lengths to arrange this edible photograph cake to be made in time for the opening of his new restaurant Koy Thai Tapas in Bournemouth on Wednesday. High levels of espionage took place over several frustrating days to obtain […]

Nice day for a Winter Wedding

It’s early December and we are having the most bizarre weather which, for my happy couple today, was just what they had hoped for. A midsummers day couldn’t have yielded such a perfect set of conditions for a wedding and where better to enjoy the bright sunlight than the fabulous Italian Villa at Compton Acres. […]