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Miss Ingredient Cake Advice

Miss Ingredient’s cake advice is always simply “eat more of it!” Seriously though, if you have so much to think about and can’t think where to start then I suggest the Wedding TV website as it is a mass if wedding information which will blow your mind! My article, advising you to start and end […]

Cupcakes on the Pier

You can not argue with the cupcake, so don’t even try! It is always perfect and always petty as a picture, tall and statuesque, holding centre stage. This 9 tiered beauty was set up and ready for action at Key West at the end of the Pier last weekend. 120 cupcakes, five flavours, assorted toppings, […]

Blooming Lovely

Saturdays  wedding cake was a very last minute booking and the photograph has now become a bit of a queue jumper as I loved the finished look of it. I have a severe backlog of blog entries to make and lots of lovely inspiring cake ideas patiently lining up on my computer which are all […]

Miss Ingredient Loves Wedding TV!

I am more than chuffed, to say the least, to have been asked to write a regular contribution to the Wedding TV website. Complete indulgence into the wonderful world of weddings and of course from my prospective, the wedding cake, which is absolutely central to the day. Those of you who know me well are […]

All That Sparkles…

All that sparkles is definitely a good thing and you must never believe otherwise. This glistening beauty proves the point without question. Four tiers of shimmering deliciousness with added crystal beading for good measure. Delightful.  

The Union

The wedding day is all about the bride and groom of course but there are other elements that match up and are more than the sum of their parts when they are put together. In this case, obviously as it’s me, its the flowers from Parkwood Florists and the cake. The hydrangeas are just made […]

Chewton Glen Wedding Cupcake Tower

The beautiful Chewton Glen Hotel in the New Forest played host to Rachel and Simon on their wedding day recently. Everything was perfect for their small intimate wedding ceremony and the sun even shone so they were able to spend time on the terrace in the sunshine, nipping back indoors only  to do the honours […]

Picture Perfect by Miss Ingredient

Today I was let loose as chief photographer as we were juggling too many balls in the air to get to the wedding venue together. I was cautiously handed the camera and issued instructions accordingly. Not a bad photographic result if you ask me, not terribly imaginative with angles and light but it records the […]