Archive | February, 2011

Day Six: Aspirations

Everyone has aspirations and my current obsession led me to the door of the Laduree Shop in Burlington Arcade. A small but perfectly formed shop with golden textured walls, bowed windows and these small precious gems on display in neat rows in the window, shelves full of beautiful boxes, bags and ribbons. A hop, skip […]

Day Five: Black Cherry Gorgeousness

A Big Bake Up took place today and I have been aiming to perfect my black cherry, chocolate and kirsch combo. This oozing beauty seems to tick the box. Black cherries in a homemade syrup infused in Kirsch with a delicate mascapone based vanilla cream all crammed into the rich chocolate sponge. Retro kitch bought […]

Day Three: Fruit Cake

Many of my brides turn away form the tradition of the fruit cake layer in their wedding cakes. Before it’s rejected from the cake options have a look at this dark, rich slab of cake, packed full of fruit, nuts and black treacle and infused with brandy then have another little think about it. Fruit […]

Seven Days

It has been said (and it made me laugh) that seven days without cake makes one weak! I couldn’t agree more. So here goes…… seven days and  seven cakes.

When Words are not Enough….

When words are not enough then only photographs will do. Your history and memories all recorded in edible form, presented and shared so elegantly on your Wedding Day. A true centrepiece that will attract attention and intice almost every guest to come and have a long admiring look at your cake on your Big Day. […]

Handmade Sugar Rose Topper

With most cakes there are a variety of cake toppers and finishes which make the cake your own, this is one of the most popular. The handmade sugar roses look particularly lovely on this wedding cake with it’s ivory and pale pink icing and caramel ribbons. Once more, well photographed by BH13 Photography