Archive | July, 2010

It’s a Family Affair!

A tall task! A fabulous family wedding was planned and everyone was to be included. Intimate details were exchanged and it was important that everyone was happy and apparently it all met with approval! A lovely family deserves a lovely cake!

French Chickens go Camping!

I have a lovely lady who orders cakes from me for all her High Days and Holidays and however busy I am I can never resist her orders! She always gives me  huge list of hobbies and interests to include in the theme and they are nothing if not diverse!

It’s a Gift!

Heaven Forbid you can’t eat all the cuppies that are delivered then pop them in these little boxes and send them home as favours. Alternatively order double, keep half and still look generous!

Pink Bows and Gems

I always say that although this is my most popular cake it never, ever, ever  goes out twice looking the same. Every bride puts her own stamp on it and makes it truly unique for her special day. This time it was trimmed in pink with pink gems and pearls added to the top ornament. […]