Archive | May, 2010

Tidy Tower

so neat, so tidy and thats just the way I like it. The top cake was a very precise gooseberry colour with regimental dots, purple ribbon to match the cases and colour dots on top of a bright white buttercream. Here’s a detail of the pretty top cake….. All in place with the pretty filigree […]

Ladies and Gentlemen…..

let’s hear it once again for the ever popular, timelessly classic four tiered wedding cake with bow and pearls! Making it’s second appearance this month and this time showcasing a lovely regal purple ribbon and wide spaced dot decoration! Beautiful…

Shell Cake

Lovely Lucinda turned 16 and her family ordered her a cake to surprise her. “She loves the sea and I’ll leave the rest to you” said her equally lovely mother! I love it when this happens and it’s even better when I know the reciprient, almost total free rein! Sand and shells with a dose […]

Shhhhh….. Beauty is Sleeping

Millie ordered anything Disney Princess, pink with roses. This Debbie Brown design sprung to mind and it was a delight to make. I was choc-a-bloc full last week and shouldn’t have accepted the booking but I truly couldn’t resist! Peacefully sleeping in preparation for Millie’s 5th Birthday Party, a girl needs her strength you know!