Archive | July, 2009

Jacuzzi Hot Tub

My Cheeky Lady/ Bath Tub cake is so popular and I am getting asked for it time and time again. This one was a variation on the theme. Ophelia asked me very specifically for three people in the hot tub (decently clad!) for her 12th birthday cake with bubbles tumbling out of the jacuzzi. She […]

Wedding Cake

  The symbol on this cake is Mandarin Chinese for LOVE. Such a clever order and such a pleasure to make. It was ordered by a gentleman as a surprise for his brother and his new wife at their wedding reception on Wednesday. I thought it was a lovely gesture for an obviously very special […]

4th July Cake

This handsome cake was ordered by an American Family living locally to celebrate a family promotion and hopefully have enough left over to celebrate Independance Day the next day. It was a large cake to feed 50 to 60 people. This seemingly simple and straightforward cake was challenging purely because of it need to be […]

Designer Bag

This cake was ordered for an 18th birthday party for a young lady with potentially expensive tastes! It was to serve 20 people so to stop it looking to large and suitcase like I made it on a cake base and that kept the little bag a nice cute size neatly placed on top. The […]