Archive | May, 2009

Scottish Cake

  This cake was ordered for a surprise birthday party. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate were my instructions and the cake was to feed 30 – 40 people. Initially it was a large space to fill and there is a limit to how many things of Scottish orientation I could think of to put on it! The […]

Fire Engine

  I loved every minute or should I say each of the several hours of making this cake. As it took shape it became even more addictive. It is based on the cheeky Debbie Brown version from her book Naughty Cakes but I kept this one clean!     It was ordered by a lady […]

The Bold Flower Cake!

This pretty little cake was prepared as a gift. I love the colour combination and its striking simplicity. The thin layers of  chocolate maderia are filled with chocolate ganache making a perfect dessert cake. The colours are reminisent of the 1960’s, quite funky, very Mary Quant-esque!

This was a very precise order for a very special 12th birthday. A young lover of shoes and leopard print and then a bit of fluff added for good measure. Then just to set it off there were matching cupcakes wrapped in cellophane instead of a party bags to take home. If you can’t do […]

A real ‘Boy’ cake. Look how he is tapping his toe as he gaurds his tent! A lovely chocolate and plain butter maderia cake layered with chocolate ganache.